Our Philosophy Statement 

Prodigy Academie is committed to providing a warm, nurturing environment where children can learn. Creative thinking and problem solving will be stressed in your program so that each child can reach his/her potential while they are building good self-esteem. children are to be respected as individuals with rights and needs.

Our Program Emphasis

We feel it is vital to nurture the “whole” child”. We view children as beings. The physical, social-emotional, and intellectual aspects of development depend on and support each other. Children grow and learn at their own pace. They need successful learning experiences to reinforce positive self-awareness, and the desire to learn. We strive to provide children with successful learning experiences, and a desire to learn.

Parent Communications

Each age group has a Daily Communicator that will give you a brief overview of his/her day. This is an excellent way for us to keep you aware of your child’s progress. Please always take a moment to look over these with your child. In addition, there is the parent information board a the front entrance as well as information that may be available on the signing/out table.